ASP Basic


ASP housing of your own Hard- and Software independent of your internal IT-network

For reasons of sustained high accessibility and security or because you do not want to modify internal workflow and work processes you plan to house your own Hard- and Software with the FVCM solution in a high secure external server farm and have it supported by the Application Service Provider. PT-BASIC is the right answer for this solution. With PT-BASIC you save on investments for the set-up of additional resources and have immediate access on our professional, high secure infrastructure.

PT-BASIC includes:

  • 2x Firewall for the high secure connection and data transfer between your
  • internal IT-Network and the server farm (VPN-Tunnel)
  • Rack space as per your needs in our server farm
  • BackUp; 1 tape deck, inkl. 10 tapes and cleaning tape for data storage
  • Tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA)

*Application Tools such as i.e. Hyperion, Globe$, Sungard are not covered within this solution.
**The CPU license entitles to unrestricted user-access to the database

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