ASP Classic


ASP in a dedicated environment with high operational availability and security, totally independent of you own IT-network.

PT-CLASSIC still gives you the flexibility of the operating of your FVCM solution on our dedicated servers, which are totally autonomous from your own infrastructure, without fix capital lockup in Hardware and Software. A secure VPN-connection with corresponding Firewall via Internet allows you to access your solution from anywhere within your network. With PT-CLASSIC you save not only time and human resources but use a professional infrastructure at calculable periodic costs

PT-CLASSIC includes:

  • Redundant Hardware and separation of the application* and the database on 2 x 1 server
  • 2 servers (1x live and 1x redundant/test system)
  • 2Firewalls securing the connection between your network and the server farm (VPN-tunnel)
  • BackUp; 1 tape deck, incl. 10 Tapes and cleaning tape for data storage
  • System software Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition
  • Server CPU License** for the live system
  • Tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA)

*Application Tools such as i.e. Hyperion, Globe$, Sungard are not covered within this solution.
**The CPU license entitles to unrestricted user-access to the database

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