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Especially in large companies with globally distributed locations the subject of Finance management is increasing in importance and complexity. With its Business Solution packet “Finance Express Monitor” (FinanceXM) Petatec offers solutions for the areas of cash management and foreign exchange management (HedgeXM), which have been successfully implemented in international companies with great benefit to the customers.


CashXM is a highly customizable web application for monitoring liquid funds in
complex and international companies. Company data concerning either the
topology and international distribution or the logical company structure is taken into
consideration, evaluated and displayed so that even at the highest level transparent decisions can be made.
Monthly data from the operative entities according to the currency are centrally consolidated and projected for the next 24 months. The system therefore makes possible transparent control of Net-Cash in both the specific company entities and the entire company including projection and cash development. Furthermore there are also many various analysis and reporting possibilities. CashXM has been in service for many years in globally operating and diverse companies, in which a multitude of customer requirements have been admitted to the system. CashXM is easily adaptable to changing regulations and conditions.


HedgeXM is a highly customizable web application for preventative monitoring of foreign exchange risks and to control the authorisation process for protection against foreign exchange risks in complex and international companies.
HedgeXM replaces the often haphazard and insufficiently structured processes for identifying and authorisation of currency risks, using an optimised Process flow which is flexible to adapt to company structures and processes and ensures that foreign exchange risks are identified and are efficiently and reliably handled by the suitable area of the company.

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