Tracking Suite
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Tracking Suite

How it works

Tracking Suite is a low cost and easy to adapt scheduling and route management controlling system for (above ground) vehicles. Tracking Suite uses a GPS Module coupled to mobile devices for the collection and monitoring of plans. Communication costs accrue only in the case of route or schedule variations. Thus a cost effective and simple solution can be achieved. Tracking Suite can be implemented either as a hosted (e.g. for KMU’s) or as an in house client/server solution.
The schedule or route information is stored on the driver’s mobile device. The mobile device’s basic state is off-line. The system determines the schedule or route information of the respective vehicle using GPS and reports any possible route variations, according to preconfigured parameters (target/actual comparison) to a central control centre. From here operational arrangements can be initialised or an information screen can be activated at the relevant stopping place.

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